News anchor body-shamed for BABY BUMP has the WITTIEST comeback in new dress

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  • A pregnant Chicago news anchor wore the same blue dress she had donned several times earlier, only to be body-shamed for her eight-month baby bump. To her disbelief, after her show aired, Kristen Nicole, co-anchor of Good Day Chicago on FOX32, received three mails from different women — who complained that they found the sight of her baby bump “disgusting”. Shocked by the sudden stream of negative comments for her pregnancy, she decided to take a stand and shared a post on Facebook saying that she “wears the dress probably once each month, and no one has ever had a problem with it”. She also added pictures in the same dress from a few previous instances.
  • Read what she wrote here:
  • “My email address is [email protected], but if you’re writing to tell me that you’re offended by the sight of my baby bump, don’t hold your breath waiting for a response. It’s not coming. I wear this dress probably once a month. No one has EVER had a problem with it. Wear it almost 8 months pregnant?? Whoa…disgusting, right? (insert massive eye roll) To Karen, Gene and Sabrina who wrote to me today, use your time better. Pay someone a compliment. Do a good deed. To everyone else who has sent messages of congratulations and well wishes, you are keeping me motivated through these last 6 weeks. We’re finally in the home stretch! I have had a healthy, comfortable, stress free pregnancy. My husband, son and I are beyond excited to meet our new addition. Thank you for being a part of our journey! xoxo.”
  • Bombarded with heartfelt comments, thereafter, Nicole decided to give it another hilarious twist by posting a picture of herself wrapped in a white sheet that covered her body, and wrote: “WALKING INTO WORK THIS MORNING LIKE: This better?? 😜Juuuuust kidding! Hope you had as good of a laugh as our morning crew did. Happy Thursday everyone!!”