Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I like to MOVE it MOVE it - 10 tips to keep you going....

1. Break your main goals down into smaller weekly or daily attainable goals (that are not about losing pounds). For example: If your end goal is to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans then maybe your weekly goal is to get to the gym (or good old fashioned pavement) three times this week.

2. Reward yourself for attaining the small goals. You probably chipped your pedicure with all that walking/jogging this week - treat yourself at the nail salon

3. Register for an event and get training!

4. Look ahead. At the beginning of the week decide which days are going to be best for fitting in exercise and pencil them in. 

5. Find a buddy and set a weekly (or more exercise date.) If that person is more motivated than you then they'll hopefully hold you accountable. If they are less motivated then it's your job to be their cheerleader.

6. Join an adult sports league - sometimes a little competition is a great motivator!

7. If you have kids, invest in a good jogging stroller. Bob makes a great single (here) and double (here). Don't let a lack of childcare keep you from moving. Your kids will thank you later for not biting their heads off too.

8. Sometimes you need new pair of spandex to flaunt all your hard work - check out Nordstrom's Zella Leggings (on Anniversary Sale!) - they are pretty amazing.

9. Think outside the box for exercise ideas - Rock Climbing, dance parties and moving furniture can count too. **And remember something is better than nothing. 

10. Sometimes half the battle is just getting yourself to the gym. Get dressed and give yourself 7 minutes of exercise. If after 7 minutes you're still reallllly not feeling it then hang up your sneakers and try again tomorrow. 

xo Ellen
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