Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I like to MOVE it MOVE it - 10 tips to keep you going....

1. Break your main goals down into smaller weekly or daily attainable goals (that are not about losing pounds). For example: If your end goal is to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans then maybe your weekly goal is to get to the gym (or good old fashioned pavement) three times this week.

2. Reward yourself for attaining the small goals. You probably chipped your pedicure with all that walking/jogging this week - treat yourself at the nail salon

3. Register for an event and get training!

4. Look ahead. At the beginning of the week decide which days are going to be best for fitting in exercise and pencil them in. 

5. Find a buddy and set a weekly (or more exercise date.) If that person is more motivated than you then they'll hopefully hold you accountable. If they are less motivated then it's your job to be their cheerleader.

6. Join an adult sports league - sometimes a little competition is a great motivator!

7. If you have kids, invest in a good jogging stroller. Bob makes a great single (here) and double (here). Don't let a lack of childcare keep you from moving. Your kids will thank you later for not biting their heads off too.

8. Sometimes you need new pair of spandex to flaunt all your hard work - check out Nordstrom's Zella Leggings (on Anniversary Sale!) - they are pretty amazing.

9. Think outside the box for exercise ideas - Rock Climbing, dance parties and moving furniture can count too. **And remember something is better than nothing. 

10. Sometimes half the battle is just getting yourself to the gym. Get dressed and give yourself 7 minutes of exercise. If after 7 minutes you're still reallllly not feeling it then hang up your sneakers and try again tomorrow. 

xo Ellen
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

skorting around town

top (Express)/Skort (Similar)/Shoes (Jack Rogers)/Bag (Michael Kors)/Sunglasses (Prada)
I was pretty convinced I'd never be caught dead wearing a skort after about 7th grade. And then this baby accidentally ended up in my dressing room. In my size. And only $20. Sold!

xo Ellen
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Monday, July 7, 2014

31 Days of Movement

jogging with this doublewide is no joke. 
Some of you may be familiar with my passion for fitness. Hell, I majored in Exercise Science in college if that tells you anything. 

What started out as a vain attempt to shrink my non existent thighs in high school has morphed into an almost daily practice in order to keep my mental sanity in check (I've got two toddlers - what can I say?) Do I love the process? Nah. Do I love how I feel mentally after a good work out? YES!! Do I enjoy the secondary benefits of feeling good about how I look. Of course!

What's the point you ask? Alive Magazine has launched a #31DaysOfMovement campaign for their July health + fitness issue to inspire you and I both to pledge 31 days of movement. Mental health, physical health and a healthier body image - I'm in! Who's with me? Follow along with me as I share a few helpful exercise tips that keep me going and feeling my best and also as I challenge myself to cut out some of the refined sugars (ahem, cake pops.)

For further inspiration, I'll be checking out the Be Well STL blog for fitness giveaways (a full day climbing pass at Climb so ill!) and great articles about clean eating and local fitness happenings. You can also follow along with#31DaysOfMovement on Facebook, Pinterest or through Twitter & Instagram at @ALIVEMagSTL

xo Ellen

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Leopard & Lace

top/dress (forever 21, similar)/jeans (citizens of humanity, similar)/shoes (sole society via nordstrom rack/clutch (clare vivier)/sunglasses (prada

I was admiring this dress (ahem, shirt) on a young lady approximately two days before I spotted it at forever 21. I don't frequent the Forever 21 store too often anymore because my kids won't sit in the stroller long enough to let me sift through the piles of clothes, so, needless to say I was thrilled to spot this gem within 10 minutes of arriving of my twice yearly trip.  I was hopeful that this might work as a dress since I'm pretty short but nope. Definitely not. Not bad as a tunic though eh?

xo Ellen
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Monday, June 9, 2014

the blues

I've had all these items in my closet for quite some time (at least a year - that's a long time in my closet) but never thought about pairing them together until I noticed the monochrome trend unfolding around the blogosphere so I'm giving it a shot.

Takeaway tip: different shades and different textures keep a "one color" ensemble from looking too "matchy" (that's a word right?)

xo Ellen
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

stripes and spots

top (old, LOVE this)/skirt (j.crew)/shoes (audrey brooke via DSW)/clutch (deus lux, similar)/sunglasses (prada)
I'm not usually one to gravitate to red or orange colors but the combination of the two, turns out, is fabulous! It's surprisingly easy to wear and manages to really brighten up the most basic outfit.

Take away tip: don't knock it till ya try it (on.)

xo Ellen

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Monday, June 2, 2014

mid to the max

skirt (worn as a dress) (great option)/belt (anthropologie)/shoes (similar - great price!)/clutch (Clare Vivier)/sunglasses (Prada)

This is probably gonna sound crazy but I'm not really in love with maxi skirts for myself. I'm not a very big person and I feel like a long flowy maxi skirt often highlights my size (or lack thereof) up top. I think the right fitted boxy top would work out well with my long skirt but until I find that top, I'll just wear those maxis as midis with a cute belt to highlight the waist.

xo Ellen
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Friday, May 30, 2014

the perfect skirt

top (banana republic)/skirt (j.crew - on sale!)/shoes (isola, similar, similar)/sunglasses (prada)/clutch (gap, LOVE this one)
I realize this title is a bold statement but I'm confident saying it - at least for myself. I receive compliments every time I wear this skirt. It's short but not too short and the higher waist and bell shape are flattering on quite a few different body shapes. I just bought it in a coral color this morning (on sale!) - prepare to see more.

Takeaway Tip: You should probably definitely get your hands on this skirt - and in a size small enough that it sits at your natural waist (at or above your belly button).

xo Ellen
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ca Va?

top (jcrew, similar)/short (joes jeans)/sandals (jack rogers)/sunglasses (kate spade, similar)/purse (rebecca minkoff, LOVE this)
Whew... Thanks for bearing with me friends. Life got a little crazy this past couple months so I needed a few weeks off to recoup and regroup. Aaaaand I'm back - with some great things in store to boot.

This ensemble is what I like to refer to as "mom friendly" - meaning comfortable, easy to wear, machine washable and little risk of flashing anyone at the park. Takeaway tip - don't throw away your favorite short shorts because you're a mom now - add some balance with a loose fitting "full coverage" shirt and don't you dare wear heels.

xo Ellen
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

all mixed up

top (eyeing this one)/skirt (Madewell)/shoes (Madewell)/purse (J.Crew, similar)/sunglasses (Prada)/
Ladies, if you don't already have one, go out and find yourself a higher waisted skirt. By "higher waisted" I mean one that covers up (or almost covers) your belly button. This should be a staple item in your closet because 1.) it helps you make use of those cute shirts that are just too short to wear on their own (as I demonstrate here) and 2.) it highlights the waistline and with the right shape can do great things for your bod (or at least appear to.)

xo Ellen
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 dress 3 ways

dress (madewell - on sale in red)/jacket (loft - 40% off)/shoes (Audrey Brook via DSW)/clutch (gap, love this one)/sunglasses (Prada)

Here it is, folks. Look #3 with this dress. I've kind of amazed myself with the versatility of this dress, but, really who are we kidding? It's a little black dress - of course it's versatile! Perhaps I'll try something a little more challenging for my next segment of 1 piece 3 ways.

xo Ellen
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

that dress...mom style

dress (Madewell)/Purse (Rebecca Minkoff, similar)/shoes (Superga)/sunglasses (Prada)

Here is look #2 with this dress. You can find the first one here. I call this look "mom on the go." I'm pretty creative, I know. This dress is perfect for a day with the kids because a) it's black (hides stains well) and b) it is short enough to not look matronly but long enough to not flash everyone at the park and c) it works as well with a pair of heels as it does with a pair of sneakers.

testing out my "chasing kids in this dress" theory...it held up!

1 dress 2 ways. Stay tuned for number 3!

xo Ellen
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Monday, April 7, 2014

check please!

dress (madewell)/shirt (madewell - sold out online but check your local store)/shoes (madewell - in a differ color here)/sunglasses (prada)/clutch (Clare Vivier)
I had my eye on this shirt for a while. I finally caved when it went on sale and have worn it twice since receiving it in the mail less than a week ago. There's something about both the print and the shape of this shirt that make it work with multiple pairings and occasions. Checks are a neutral and the right slight. peplum is so versatile

Outside of this great buy, I will be posting 2 more outfits this week with this same dress I'm wearing here. (It looks like a skirt in this post but I assure you it's a dress.) One dress - three ways. Get excited!

xo Ellen
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Thursday, April 3, 2014

spring flowers

skirt/dress (old, similar, similar)/blouse (mm couture, similar)/sweater (similar)/shoes (sole society, similar)/purse (Tory Burch)/sunglasses (Prada

This past weekend the sun was shining and it looked like spring (from inside the house.) It was still a bit nippy so I grabbed my trusty $5 cropped sweater (which has proved itself to be a real powerhouse these past few weeks) and threw it on over my best (only) long sleeved floral blouse. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this layering thing - this ensemble here, my friends, is a sweater over a blouse over a dress. Sometimes dresses make the best skirts (with the right top of course.)

xo Ellen

Monday, March 31, 2014

an unlikely pairing

sweater (about 12 years old - no joke, similar), blouse (gap, similar)/jeans (mother denim, similar, lot of options here)/heels (madewell)/sunglasses (Prada)/bag (Tory Burch

Sometimes the two outcasts in your closet make for the best pairing. Take for example this cropped (too short) sweater and this blouse thats too baggy on me to be worn by itself. Neither will work alone, however, together they are a match made in heaven.

xo Ellen
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