Friday, June 21, 2013

The Secret Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant the first time I searched high and low for a diaper bag that looked nothing like a diaper bag and finally settled upon a Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag that fit the bill (here - but no longer sold.) I carried it everywhere for a few months (because that's what you have to do when you have babies) but grew tired of lugging the same bag around. Variety is the spice of life, right? That's when discovered a way to minimize the baby garb and make all my favorite totes function as diaper bags.

In my history with two children I think I have used the changing mat that came in my diaper bag once - so that doesn't need to come with me everywhere. It can sit in my car. The things that I find necessary to carry with me everywhere are as follows:

- a few diapers for each kid
- a pack of wipes
- a small tube of Desitin/a&d
- a burp cloth/bib (if you have a wee one)
- an extra onesie (if you have a wee one)
- a small tube of sunscreen
- a bottle of milk/formula in case the baby gets hungry (if you have a wee one) - make sure it has a lid on it. You don't want this stuff spilling out all over your favorite bag.
- a small toy or two - the iphone work great in a pinch (or always) (if you've got toddlers)
- pacifier (if your baby takes one)

Here's the secret:

Put most of the baby essentials in a large pouch that fits inside of a tote and can easily be moved from one bag to another. I find I can fit everything except the toys and bottle. Here are a few suggestions - I bought the Anthro Tweed Pouch (3.) This picture doesn't do it justice. It's perfect for the job and is fashionable! As a bonus, when your husband goes to change a diaper when you're out, he only needs to grab the zippered pouch rather than the entire diaper bag - he'll thank you. Trust me.

Finally, pick a tote bag or satchel that is large enough to hold the pouch and also the essentials for you, including wallet, sunglasses, phone, lip glosses, keys etc. I recently bought the Marc by Marc washed up Lauren bag (1) and am in love with it! Here are a few of my favorites:

Thanks for reading!
xo Ellen

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

what to wear when there's nothing to wear...

Gap Blouse (old)/Citizens of Humanity Avedon Jeans (similar)/Isola Shoes (Nordstrom)/Kate Spade Sunglasses (Nordstrom)/Michele Watch/Lagos Bracelet/Deux Lux Clutch/Bonnie Jonas Necklace

As many of us have experienced, last week I opened up my closet and found nothing inside. Actually then entire closet was stuffed to the gills with clothes and shoes but nothing I felt like wearing. After a little creativity and finagling I managed to piece this outfit together. I'm not sure I have a "go to" outfit but jeans and heels are usually a good start.

xo Ellen

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Almost Maxed Out

It has been hot hot hot here in St. Louis so I'm definitely not wearing this again anytime soon but I threw this together a few weeks back when it was a little cooler to run some errands.  From here on out expect nothing but tanks, skirts and shorts until September.

My inspiration for this ensemble came from a picture I found on pinterest. (Original here.) I'm a huge fan of Pinterest for a multitude of purposes including ideas on what to cook, how to decorate and what to wear.

Gap Denim Jacket - similar here/Paper Dolls Boutique Skirt (old)/Jack Rogers Sandals/Paper Dolls Boutique Necklace/Michele Watch/Lagos Bracelet/Kate Spade Sunglasses/Tory Burch Dena Messenger Bag

What's your favorite Pinterest purpose?

xo Ellen

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