Friday, May 3, 2013

Nailed it

Getting my nails done is a little indulgence I partake in weekly. I have a standing appointment at my favorite salon with my favorite girl. I have been getting regular manicures for quite some time so I have can confidently dole out a few of my best tips **no pun intended there

1. Invest in your own set of tools - specifically a nail file, nail buffer and cuticle nippers (if you plan to have your cuticles trimmed.) There's a lot of nail fungus that walks in the doors of nails salons and I want to be sure I don't walk out with it.

2. Base Coat - pick a good one and bring it with you. My favorite is Duri Rejuvacote (here). This stuff is amazing. Buy it. It will improve the health of your nails if they are weak and if used as a top coat as well will help your polish last longer and look extra shiny.

3. Top Coat - invest in a good one here too and bring it with you. if your nails are in pretty good shape I recommend Seche Vite (here). It glazes your nails to a pretty shine and, as the name implies, dries super fast.

** Here are a few color recommendations as well:
    Sheer pink - OPI Otherwise Engaged (see picture)
    Red - Essie Longstem Roses
    Gray - Essie Chinchilly
    Coral - Essie California Coral

xo Ellen

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